Client Satisfaction

Accounting Management Solutions Consultants exceeded expectations for two-thirds of our clients.

AMS understands the importance of listening to clients, seeking feedback and refining our offerings, techniques, hiring practices and work methodologies based on that feedback. We expect a high level of service and expertise from our finance and accounting professionals, and our customers do too. This is one reason we are so proud of our phenomenal client satisfaction rating.

The AMS Client Service team regularly contacts clients to gauge the extent of their satisfaction and identify any areas where improvement may be necessary. (While we attempt to contact every AMS client, not all companies participate). Our most recent client satisfaction rates exceed 94 percent, with 94 percent of our clients saying their consultant either met or exceeded their expectations. (Note: Many companies would be satisfied with such a high client satisfaction rating, but we continue to contact clients regularly to gauge satisfaction and identify any areas where we can improve our offerings).


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