The AMS approach to business

Honesty in business has come under much scrutiny and just criticism in recent years, highlighted by Enron, Worldcom, and alleged Ponzi schemes on Wall Street. When it comes to professional service providers, clients have a right to receive honest service.

Here’s what it means at AMS.

It starts with why we’re in business. We’re all about helping clients—be they public, private, or nonprofit entities—identify and solve financial and accounting problems. We do that by developing cost effective solutions so they can achieve their business goals.

While many of our clients often interact primarily with one AMS consultant, that person has access to a wide range of expertise. It’s this ability to tap a deep reservoir of skills and experience that lets us deliver high value-added services cost-effectively. As a result, we don’t have to spend time, and our client’s resources, developing approaches to problems which we already know how to solve.

Most importantly, we focus on proposing solutions that we feel are correct for each situation. It’s balanced advice that clients appreciate.

Our recommendations are framed by the way we answer the following questions:

  • What is our client looking to accomplish?
  • Is the action we recommend consistent with what our clients want to achieve?
  • Have we fully explained the ramifications, including the costs and benefits, of the solutions we recommend?
  • Have we considered alternatives, and explained them to the client?

In addition to the foregoing, we aim for completeness. This means that while our clients may have engaged us to address a particular issue, quite often there may be one or more related issues that will influence and be a part of the solution. Our ability to recognize the ancillary issues and articulate their impact on the primary question is part and parcel of a complete answer.

Failing to provide a complete assessment, and a corresponding solution, is akin to a doctor treating a symptom without addressing the underlying cause of an illness. Our goal, like those in the medical profession, is to achieve a healthy outcome that enables the organization to thrive.

All business relationships thrive—or falter—based on the level of communication and trust between the parties. At AMS, we believe that our success is tied to commitment to our clients’ success. We do our job by helping them fulfill their mission.

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