Upcoming Reporting Deadlines: November 2011

While many organizations focus on preparing for the yearend audit, they should also keep in mind important deadlines, such as filing annual state and federal forms. Keep the following reporting deadlines in mind.

December 15




Federal Form 1120 – Return of corporations for September 30 fiscal yearend.

Most corporate business state tax filings for September 30 fiscal yearend. (Mass. Form 355, RI Form 1120.)

Corporate annual report to Mass. Secretary of State for September 30 fiscal yearend.

December 30

A-133 audit filing for companies with March. 31 fiscal yearend.

January 1

Review Vacation Carryforward for limits


Many deadlines for employees, including changes to benefit and retirement plans

January 31

Form W-2 Employee Wage Statements

January 31

Form 1099 to vendors and contractors


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