Life Sciences

Achieving success in the life sciences arena requires vision, a well-defined business plan, great execution, and lots of capital. Clinical trials and the wait for FDA approval can greatly extend the non-revenue period. Having the right team strengthens a life science company’s credibility and helps it meet that next milestone on the long road to profitability or a key value inflection point.

AMS provides seasoned accounting and financial professionals with significant experience in both private and public life sciences companies. They help management grow the business, improve valuations, and provide a strong ROI for company stakeholders.

Capital efficiency matters. Keeping your finance and accounting department lean is an effective way to stretch funding and focus on the key value drivers of the business.

AMS can help, whether through part-time resources on a long-term basis, or on a shorter-term basis, as interim personnel for a project or as a bridge to a permanent hire.

AMS will help manage the business model, from funding through the pre-clinical and clinical trials all the way to FDA approval, and ultimately to the sale of product or drug.


Services include:

  • Rapid Diagnostics® to find operating efficiencies and effectiveness (reducing costs)
  • Audit preparation (both financial audits and those conducted by government agencies)
  • Compliance reviews/implementation
  • Staffing (interim and part time)
  • Revenue recognition (particularly for long term joint development contracts)
  • Cost report reviews and preparation
  • Strategic realignment
  • Benchmarking
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)


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