Need: Cost Savings for a Growing Company
Service: AMS Rapid Diagnostic®
Industry: Manufacturing
“When AMS came in, we got good news and better news. The good news was that we were doing a fine job with expenses; the better news was that AMS’s independent expert helped us find some real opportunities to add to the bottom line. ”
– CFO, Asahi/America


Asahi/America, a diversified manufacturer of corrosion-resistant fluid flow products, was growing quickly with continuous production and profit improvement processes in place. The CFO sought to improve the bottom line without impairing the business and selected AMS to provide an independent perspective on the key financial areas impacting profitability.


AMS performed the AMS Rapid Diagnostic® to provide a tailored, organization-wide assessment of Asahi’s key financial processes. A senior AMS consultant spent two days meeting with management and reviewing financial reports, analytical data and other key documents in order to gain an appreciation of the business.


Working closely with the CFO, AMS identified more than a dozen actions, which, when implemented, could improve Asahi’s profitability by as much as $500,000. The specific, actionable, recommendations address a wide range of areas from detailed expense reductions to enhancement of information that will lead to improved profit margins. Asahi is in the process of follow up and implementation and expects to achieve both immediate and long term benefits from the project.