Elysium Digital

Need: Additional Time for Senior Leadership
Service: Part-time Consultant and Accountant
Industry: Litigation Consulting
“AMS consultants have helped us learn how to take full advantage of our accounting software and integrate it with the data in our internal systems.”
– Finance and Operations Lead, Elysium Digital


As technology litigation consulting firm Elysium Digital grew to more than 20 employees, routine financial tasks began to keep the company’s leaders from areas of the business where they were needed most. The company also had yet to establish a comprehensive system for budgeting and financial reporting.


Two AMS consultants, a senior consultant and transactional accountant, came on board to relieve management of the burden of day-to-day financial activities and refine all financial processes. The AMS consultants reviewed the company’s financial activity, re-designed the budgeting process, and assumed responsibilities in the areas of payroll, Accounts Payable, cash disbursements, and monthly client invoices.


Elysium Digital continues to grow, doubling its headcount in the two years since AMS was engaged. The two AMS consultants each work two days a week, providing the diverse financial support the company needs without the overhead of full-time personnel.