A&A Windows Products, Inc.

Need: Improved Job Cost Tracking
Service: Part-Time Controller
Industry: Construction
“With a part-time controller, we were able to implement best practices for the construction industry, without the overhead of a full-time employee. And whenever we need additional expertise, it’s there.”
– Lee Sullivan, President, A&A Window Products


A leading provider of metal windows, glass curtains, and other complex installations, A&A Windows Products, Inc. had outgrown many of the financial and accounting processes it utilized in the early days of the company. Their methods for estimating and tracking job costs were not sufficient to keep up with the increasingly sophisticated projects the company undertook and A&A sought to make key operational improvements.


AMS selected a part-time controller with an extensive construction background who was instrumental in improving the company’s operations. The part-time controller provided the unbiased perspective of a consultant and offered A&A the flexibility to meet changing needs as the company grew.


AMS has been working with A&A for more than 20 years as A&A continually improves its day-to-day operations. The AMS professionals implemented a management reporting suite that allows the A&A leadership team to see updated monthly financial reports, which feed into a continually updated budget forecasting tool and provide a financial history of each individual project. The budget forecasting tool, which projects the company’s future finances relative to current company performance, has been instrumental in tracking cost performance and has helped A&A secure public sector projects with tight budgets and detailed reporting requirements.